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Partnership Against AIDS Declaration
On 9 October 1998 the Partnership Against HIV and AIDS was launched with the publishing of this decleration.Read More...

HIV/AIDS: What you need to know
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Living with HIV/AIDS
Thanks to recent medical breakthroughs HIV and AIDS has become a very manageable, treatable disease. Read more...

Living With HIV/AIDS

Thanks to new medical breakthroughs and treatments, people living with HIV can live longer, healthier lives.

Having a supportive friend, family member or counselor and finding a health care practitioner who is accustom to treating HIV is very important to anyone living with the disease.

Regular appointments must be made with the health care practitioner to get screened for diseases like TB, Malaria or other sexually transmitted diseases. Prescribed medicine and a healthy lifestyle must be maintained. Eat and drink healthy food and water and exercise regularly.

Companies such as Anglo American have taken a stand against the spread of AIDS and have commited to providing anti-retroviral medicine to all of it's employees and their families living with AIDS. See their awareness video for the 2013 World Aids Day Campaign below:

You should get immunizations to prevent infections and illnesses like the flu. Getting enough sleep and rest is also beneficial to your immune system. The continuous use of antiretroviral drugs effectively stops the virus from multiplying in the body and damaging the immune system.

Remember to get your children and partner tested for HIV, and ask your doctor for advice on risk reduction.

If you are pregnant, it is vital to get information on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of the disease.